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Storying Workshop
August 29, 2014

Written by Meenal Bookworm was approached by the faculty at S.S.Dempo College of Commerce, to conduct a one hour ‘Storying Workshop’. With the set goal to be achieved as strengthening the expressive writing skills of S.Y.B.Com students who have opted for the DST course, Team Bookworm sat down to outline a simple, structured to conduct […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 6
April 13, 2013

Our writing together has come to an end or has just begun. It depends on which way one looks at it. I have been doing workshops with children for years. I supported the development of a Creative Writing course at a primary school called Shiksha Niketan for nearly 11 years, working with one grade at […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 5
April 13, 2013

We have been at our Thought to Print workshop for 5 sessions now. We wrote quite extensively today, shaping our thoughts to ensure that our young writers connect with their inner voices. But we also had loads of imaginative fun. I hold the theory that all forms of language support each other very powerfully and […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 4
April 12, 2013

Our writers are coming along. They really are. I was delighted to come into the Activity room and read the worm stories that our able and gifted interns nurtured to birth on Wednesday. All our interns are deeply reflective and have connected with the children so powerfully that it shows in the relationship of work. […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 3
April 11, 2013

Blog post by our intern Francesca Today’s session was conducted by Eva, Karuna and I. Sujata, sadly, was not present with us today, and we knew we had some pretty big shoes to fill! However, the three of us interns worked well together and with the children, and we had quite an interesting session. I […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 2
April 10, 2013

We had a good day today. I felt I had a good day although Francesca our young intern felt it might be slow. This comment led me to reflect that writing  – the act, the process is not something that can be hurried. I look at the workshop as a store house of seeds, that […]

Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 1
April 9, 2013

I consistently learn from the children and I know I will learn from our interns; Francesca, Karuna and Eva too. What I learnt today was that children are indeed philosophers even by accident and Anousha’s question about Who are you? was so profound. The scaffolding of Karuna for Aryan led to a beautiful piece of […]

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