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Hiring: Full Time Program Assistants
March 22, 2018

Bookworm’s vision is “To inspire and develop a love for reading as a way of life, nurturing humane engagement in every girl and boy.” We run a Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) based out of our library and office in Taleigao. We are looking to hire Full Time Program Assistants for MOP. MOP carries out weekly […]

I was there!
March 11, 2018

It was two years or more ago, that a friend of ours at Bookworm suggested we take stories and books to a boys home. This,  like most of our work was a new idea and deserved consideration. So, we began tentatively to explore the possibility.  We scheduled a date and time and began. We need […]

When they aspire and inspire
March 8, 2018

Stories about people are always interesting. All the more when it’s about hard work, determination, passion, overcoming struggles and doing extraordinary work or service. Such stories have a lasting impression on our minds-inspiring and motivating us to be determined in life and realise that success comes through perseverance. NT BUZZ gathers a few stories of […]

The Leading Ladies
March 8, 2018

Women are the helm of every field which affects their families directly or indirectly. Though many may not come out in the open to show their strength, there are those who make a difference by voicing out their concerns loud and clear to bring about social change. In Goa, many women social activists have brought […]

Nhoi – Goa River Draw
February 28, 2018

Rivers are like stories. They have beginnings, middles and ends. They are acted upon and act out. There are numerous plots and subplots that emerge within the river and they are our ecological conscience. Bookworm is honoured to birth a project called Nhoi, Goa River Draw  with artist Liz Kemp, Architect Rhea D’Souza and the […]

From Library Member to Library Teacher
February 28, 2018

During my school days, there was a library coming to Chimbel.  I started to go to the library. I was a library member, roll number 14 for three years. From Bookworm Library I learnt many things. First when I started to go to the library I thought it was no use but I was wrong. […]

‘What child unable to sleep on a warm summer night hasn’t thought he saw Peter Pan’s sailing ship in the sky? I will teach you to see that ship.’ Robert Cotroneo, When a Child on a Summer Morning As my childhood days fell behind, the picture books and fairy tales that made up those years […]

I work with an NGO, Bookworm, whose mission is to encourage reading in children. Hence, a library is the foundation of all the work that they do. The only children’s books I have read are from the era of Enid Blyton, Amar Chitra Kathas, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. Perhaps some William, Billy Bunter and […]

Learning through questions
February 21, 2018

This New Year, questions about how children could manage school, tuition classes, house chores and still manage to come to the library sessions, were at the back of my mind. Would books more closely related to their school subjects, satisfy their conceptual needs for academics, as well as draw more children into the world of […]

Children’s Library unconference 2018
February 18, 2018

Written by Joanne Saldanha The excitement started in late December, when an email from Sujata bore news of the Children’s Library unConference 2018. Having absorbed, learnt and grown (at least that’s what I think!), so much during the Library Educators Course, it was absolutely a no-brainer to attend the unConference. A message went out on […]

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